New technology

Ultra-Wideband technology.

The Realtime Location System- RTLS of Nhatrang Hitech Company is used the Ultra- Wideband technology that record by real time for goods, property, people or objects to oversee in the warehouse, office,factory… accuracy up to 10cm.

  • UWB Ultra-Wideband.
  • ibeacons
  • Wifi.
  • Accelerometer sensor, motion sensor, compass sensor...


Real-time monitoring

Supervise employees, vehicles, goods in the real time via 3D app on phone or website.

Warning the dangerous zone

Signal alert, send message or email …when strange people or object into dangerous or prohibited zone.

Management for employees, timekeeping

Management for employees, automatic timekeeping when they go in or go out work areas.

Frequency graph of appearance

Give a chart of the frequency of occurrence at a certain location, help assess the habit purchase of customers at the supermarket, the effectiveness of employees,...

Manage the location of the shopping cart in the supermarket

View current location of supermarket carts in real time. The location information can be accurate within 0.5m.

Gives customers discount information if the customer uses the app on the phone.

Give statistics, retrieve for history of each shopping cart over time, and help us understand how many time for the customer stops at the stalls,...


Monitor the position of employee/visitor in the office/factory

See the current position of the tagged staff in the office, warehouse, factory... in real time. Location information can be accurate within 0.5m.

Set allowed, not allowed areas. Gives alerts when employees enter restricted areas.


Track production speed on the conveyor

View the current position of the produced on the conveyor, from the beginning to the completion of the shipment. How long is the production process?

Gives statistics to optimize the production line.


Asset Management

Locate and manage assets in warehouse, In the hospital's warehouse or medical facilities where materials and equipment need to be mobilized quickly and in large quantities, Management of valuable assets in the museum, report asset location immediately when there is relocation phenomenon.

Enhance customer experience

Locate customers in shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, to serve on time, put information on product advertising, discounts, product reviews, ... for customers can refer when shopping or use the service, to enhance the customer experience.


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Why we must use realtime location system

  • The special areas where authorized personnel only enter, if staff or visitors go into this areas, RTLS should be warned immediately. The navigation of system will help located all strangle people and possible alert.

    Warning danger to the wearer when entering unsafe places such as the area of travel vehicles, lifting area, work at height zone...

    Locate the visitor when the accident occurs to promptly rescue.

  • Where are the value assets in the factory, operating or not, relocated to production lines, the efficiency of the equipment? The RTLS can help the manager to provide accurate statistics and recommendations, thereby optimizing device utilization and cost savings.

    Asset management is also a way to prevent losses, losses, when assets move to unwanted locations.

  • By monitoring the time and path of the product from the beginning of the chain to the end of the production line, it is possible to detect the current production lines are fast / slow at any stage, With this information, the factory can be add personnel / machines / robots to accelerate the entire process, thereby optimizing the production line and improving productivity.

    Know the speed of production of 1 product, as well as the basis to calculate, predict the speed of production of the order.

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